Life Skills: One-Liners: Considerate & Effective Content Sharing

When you share a link on facebook or twitter, instead of posting the title, post the one most impactful, interesting, entertaining, or useful sentence of the article/blog entry/video/etc. Whatever touched you most, fired you up, or made you laugh.

Titles are often enticing: “Find your Purpose in 5 Minutes!” “10 Steps to Your Happiest Year Ever.” And content, well, it’s easy to disappoint with hyperbolic titles like those.

If you’re sharing content, you found some benefit and think your friends would benefit, too. Help your pals and followers parse out what’s worth reading to them by giving them a real taste of the content you’ve linked via the one most impactful sentence.

Bonus: Even if they don’t follow the link, you’ve still given them a life-enriching nugget, rather than an empty title.


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