Growing. A poem.


some plants thrive out of place
lots of people call them weeds
some plants do so well
they proliferate
at the expense of other plants
invasive species
cities are environments with lots of invasive species

some plants surprise us by growing where we haven’t planted them
sis and I saw a tomato plant growing just outside the fence of a yard
that had a beautiful garden

some of the most brilliant, beautiful plants grow out of rocks
they are resilient and resourceful
thriving where other plants would refuse

When I heard Dolly Parton sing about wildflowers
I knew that’s what I was
I didn’t grow where I was planted
The wind took me
beyond the edge of the fence
the volunteers
who wanted to stay close to the garden

my roots are shallow
I keep my resources up high
and occasionally wiggle out of the rocky mountainside
the desolate desert
or the blanket of pine needles
and let the wind take me
home again

Photo Credit: V.H. Hammer


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