Have you noticed?: a poem

Have you noticed fall announcing itself
quietly in the blazing orange tips of
green leaves?

Have you noticed the smile of a neighbor
as she notices your face soften
having caught sight of her sprightly pup
on a morning walk?

Have you noticed the tension untangle itself
from your shoulders as a sigh pushes out
the last bit of anger
when you see him
and choose to forgive?

Have you noticed yourself grow bigger
as your heart beats love
throughout the body?

Have you noticed the subtleties of exchange
sharing a seat with a stranger
on the bus?

Have you noticed the longing of missing a loved one
and how if you conjure up a hug
in the minds eye
your skin gets warm from imagined touch?

Have you noticed how todays make tomorrows
and does it make you want to live
more consciously
and grow trees
and leave goodness in your wake?

Have you noticed?


2 thoughts on “Have you noticed?: a poem

  1. Loved this! I love fall too although we do not get much of it here, but I do feel subtle breeze and the sun seems a bit diffused. I am going to see Aunt Babbie next month in Jersey and will experience some fall weather there, Hope you are doing well! Love the pics on Facebook. Love your writings, but I must admit some of it is “over my head”. I need to pick your brain someday soon.. Love, Aunt Bitsy

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